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We are tax experts. We can prepare, review and electronically file all individual and small business taxes. We will help you proactively reduce taxes in every legal way possible. If you encounter problems, such as back taxes owed or an audit, we are here every step of the way to resolve the problem on your behalf. With us on your team, you can trust all your tax obligations are handled in the best, most efficient, and ethical way. 


With the latest technology, we can function as your complete in-house bookkeeping department remotely from our office. we reconcile your bank statements, generate income statement, and clean up your general ledger. We also provide unlimited consultation. With our support, you will need fewer employees and the ones you have are free to focus on income generation tasks. You will rest better knowing you have trusted, professional partner overseeing and protecting your finances. 


We offer Quickbooks Training, Payroll, business evaluation, help with forming a new business, establishment and review of internal controls to protect you against theft. If you have a specific financial need, please contact us. Lets talk about how we can work together to enable your business to reach its full potential. 

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